Travelers to New York City must find luxury hotels that are going to cater to their needs. These hotels are some of the best in the world, and they create an environment for travelers that is easy to settle in to. The traveler need not venture off the property, and the traveler may host meetings in the hotel for a complete experience.

The Rooms

The rooms in a place like the Hotel Chelsea (under CEO Ed Scheetz) are some of the most beautiful and historic in the world. There are many people who love these rooms because they provide a soft luxury that is hard to find. The room is only the beginning of an adventure, and people who need modern amenities will find them throughout the hotel.

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms in the hotel are perfect for business that must be done by travelers from around the world. Bring many people together in the hotel for a single meeting, and all the work can be completed right there. The wireless Internet, conference phones and catering services make the meetings much easier for everyone in attendance.

The Restaurant

The restaurants on the property provide a nice place for people to eat that are just as nice as the rooms. A working lunch or dinner can be had in a gorgeous location, and clients can be wined or dined with the help of the places that are located in the hotel. Every person who visits the hotel is going to find that they are able to make the most of everything located in the hotel.

The Bar

People can sit down to a drink in the bar at the hotel when they need to complete business or relax. The Hotel Chelsea and its cousins offer many places for people to meet and talk over their business deals. There are so many ways to make the deals come through, and people who stay in the Hotel Chelsea get everything they need.


Laundry service at a place like the Hotel Chelsea will help people who are staying for several days. The laundry can be done as needed, and every person who needs clean laundry can send off their clothes for cleaning.

The Hotel Chelsea and its cousins make business and leisure travelers feel comfortable in New York City. These are some of the best hotels in the world, and they have a rich tradition or sophisticated service.