With its verdant hills, acres of vineyards, and temperate climate, Napa Valley in California is one of the world’s premier wine-producing regions. Every year 3.3 million people flock to this region to bike, hike, swim in a veritable pool of wine, and eat rich, delicious food.

However, Napa is not easy on the wallet. Restaurants, hotels, and winery visits add up quickly. Like a money-sucking feedback loop, visitors expect to spend a lot of money, and prices reflect people’s willingness to open their wallets.

I went seeking an answer to the question I ask of all destinations: “Can you travel here on $50 a day?

I found you can, but it takes work. Even if you don’t desire to do it bare-bones, there are ways to cut your expenses and still enjoy an affordable visit to Napa Valley.

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Source: nomadicmatt.com