I cannot say I have ever met a person who doesn’t enjoy a good vacation. Whether you are travelling near or far, a vacation always offers a nice break from reality and busy, day-to-day life. Whether you vacation monthly, once a year or every five years, it is a time to treat yourself and indulge in life’s simple pleasures.

Duty free shopping.
Some of the best items I have ever purchased are from my vacations. This is because many stores in places like the Caribbean offer amazing products at a slightly lower cost. For example, I have found that the duty free shopping in Grand Cayman is some of the best vacation shopping I have ever encountered. Some of the items I have found are unique to the island and I don’t see people wearing back home, which I like as well.

Eating dessert at dinner.
While on vacation, I like to think that calories just don’t count. Treat yourself to that chocolate cake or that Crème Brule, which everyone else around you is feasting on. You can go back to a routine and eating healthy once you are home, but while on vacation, it is time to live it up a little! Vacations are for fun and let’s be honest, dessert exemplifies fun.

Sleeping in and not having a full days agenda.
Today people are so bogged down by their emails, schedules and cellphones that they do not take the time to fully live in the moment. On vacation, you can take the time to completely unplug and not answer to anyone, but yourself. You can enjoy sleeping in instead of jumping out of bed in the morning to rush to work. It is especially easy to throw away an agenda when you’re on a tropical vacation and the only date you have is with the beach.

If you get the chance to get away in the next couple of months, take time for yourself and do what makes you happy. Whether that involves going on long walks, eating steak at dinner or relaxing by the pool from morning till night, make sure to treat yourself!