Bon Vivant Kitchen Studio
Equal parts kitchen and retail storefront, Bon Vivant attracts anyone with a remote appreciation for the culinary arts, amateur and professional chefs alike. Offering quality brands of kitchenware, accessories and more, Bon Vivant teems with inspiration for your own home kitchen or recipes.

If you are looking for something fun to do in Grand Cayman, stop by one of the many open demonstrations led by top Grand Cayman chefs in the store’s central and fully functional kitchen and learn how to prepare anything, from sushi to seasonal specialties. Recent favorite demo series have included Lobster Lovin’ when participants learned to prepare gourmet lobster dishes (pan fried raviolis and crispy lobster tacos!) and Best of Brunch, when apprentices got the opportunity to master the art of crepe making with professional chefs. As far as the spirit of friendly competition goes, Bon Vivant offers up the facilities for plenty of competitions (amateurs only, however, to level out the playing field).

Books & Books
Everyone knows that nothing quite compares to leisure reading whilst on vacation. Books & Books, a highly respected South Florida-based independent bookstore, expanded their storefronts to Camana Bay in 2007. Though the brand does describe itself as an “independently-minded neighborhood bookstore,” it’s really a community center for literary enthusiasts–writers, readers, magazine-lovers, and even those who just love the atmosphere. With weekly children’s story times and craft times, book clubs, open mics and even bilingual poetry, Books & Books certainly does have something for everyone.

West Indies Wine Company
Located just steps away from Seven Mile Beach, West Indies Wine Co showcases a vast selection of over 80 wines, making it the largest tasting room in the Caribbean, Central and South America as well as the island’s largest champagne and sparkling wine by the glass menu. One of the most special components of the Cayman Islands in general is the very educated yet also informal wine market. The West Indies Wine Co merges perfectly with that vibe.

Utilizing Napa Technology’s state-of-the-art Wine Station, the tasting room’s atmosphere is relaxed and independent–even self-serve if you feel so inclined–yet features extremely high-end wines and a well-versed staff who is always there to talk wine. Though there isn’t a full bar for those who prefer spirits over wines, they aren’t completely out of luck. West Indies also has a full retail establishment where guests can stroll through other sommelier selections that include rums, whiskeys, gins and, you guessed it–all of those wines that you just sampled. Additionally, plenty of microbrews and craft beers, ciders and ales are available during tastings.